Ask Our Expert: Asset Tags

Jun 4 2013

Do you have printing questions that you’ve been wanting answers to? Are you looking for technical information you can count on? Now’s your chance to submit those questions! Each month, Mcloone will select one question and provide an answer from our very own Mcloone experts.  We look forward to hearing from you! Q:  I am […]

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Ask Our Expert: Adhesives

May 9 2013

Q:  How do I know which type of adhesive is best to use on my nameplates? A:  There are many options to explore when choosing an adhesive as it is a critical element of a nameplate construction.  A good starting place is to ask yourself what type of environment your nameplate, label or decal will […]

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Ask Our Expert: Embossing

Mar 7 2013

Embossing 3D: Q:  Can you explain your embossing 3D process and what type of materials you can emboss on? A:  Embossing is a technique used to raise a pattern, copy or other graphic design element above the original surface using matched male and female dies.  Mcloone offers a variety of embossing (upward) as well as […]

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Ask our expert: Tooling

Jan 17 2013

Tooling: Tool and Die Capability Q:  What determines the type of die you use to produce my parts and why do I need one? A:  Many different factors play a role in determining what type of tooling is used for each part we produce.  Upon reviewing your blueprint or specifications, Mcloone’s Customer Care Rep will […]

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Ask Our Expert: Customer Care

Dec 6 2012

Customer Care: Q:  In designing our labels, what information can your Customer Care Reps assist me with?  Being new to my purchasing position, I’d like to make this as easy as possible for both of us! A:  Mcloone’s Customer Care Team is available to help you with all of your product identification questions!  We are […]

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UL Label Component Process

Oct 16 2012

UL Label Component Process Underwriters Laboratories Label Components: Q:  Last month you explained the process of how to obtain a UL Mark for labels.  Can you explain the UL label component approval process? A:  It’s important to note the UL Recognized Mark and Recognized Components Constructions are two separate programs.  The Authorized Label Supplier Program […]

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Obtaining UL Marks for our Labels – Ask Our Expert

Jul 31 2012

  Obtaining UL Marks for our Labels Underwriters Laboratories: Q: Can you explain the process of how I obtain a UL Mark for our labels? A: This is a question we receive frequently from our customers. Before we are able to print the UL Mark on a product, our customers must first obtain an “Authorization […]

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Variable Data Capabilities at Mcloone

Jun 26 2012

Variable Data Capabilities at Mcloone Variable Data: Q:  My company uses a ton of labels that need consecutive numbering.  What type of variable data capabilities do you offer? A:  Mcloone offers custom serialization on a variety of materials for all of your application needs. Our primary method of numbering utilizes digital printing.  Variable data, including […]

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Uv, Solvent, & Digital Printing – Ask an Expert

May 17 2012

UV, Solvents, & Digital Printing UV, Solvent Ink & Digital Printing:  Q:  What type of ink is used to produce my labels? A:  Mcloone cares about the environmental impact our industry and our organization has on our community and our planet.  We have gone above and beyond to show our commitment to a greener future […]

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Benefits of Different Substrates

Apr 18 2012

We get a lot of questions at McLoone, some more than others. We’ve taken one of the most common questions and had one of our very own McLoone experts provide the answer. Substrate Comparison: Q:  Help!  When submitting RFQ’s, I always struggle with the type of material I should use.  Can you explain the difference […]

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Ask The Expert: Estimating

Feb 22 2012

Quote Requests Estimating (quote requests): Time is of the essence to everyone in business these days. When submitting RFQs, what other information is helpful in order to process my quote requests expediently (besides the basic information specifying size, number of colors, materials, quantity)? This is a great question! Our goal is to turn around your […]

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