10 reasons why there is a shortage of tradesmen

Sep 19 2017

Tradespeople are needed in the trade industry The United States has 30 million jobs that pay an average of $55,000 per year and don’t require a bachelor’s degree, according to the Georgetown center. So why is there a shortage of tradespeople?    10 reasons why there is a shortage of tradespeople in the US: Trade skills have […]

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Promote Workplace Safety with Custom Decals

Aug 22 2017
promote workplace safety

Let your employees know you care by providing easy to read, customized signs and decals that promote workplace safety Most workplaces, especially commercial and industrial ones, contain risks of some degree. The chances of a busy, hardworking employee stopping to read a safety posting or letter is rare. Promote workplace safety by ensuring employees know […]

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Stand Out From Your Competitors

Aug 22 2017
label services

Stand Out From Your Competitors Every company has to interact with prospects, customers, and business partners daily. Making these interactions worthwhile can be challenging. People are bombarded by advertisements, sales people, products and services, every day. This can make it difficult for your business to stand out from your competitors. Standing out from competitors can […]

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Manufacturing Industry Trends

Aug 22 2017
manufacturing industry

Manufacturing Industry Trends Manufacturing Background The United States is known for its manufacturing industry. Our lives have been built around this robust market. Everyday, we encounter hundreds of items that are a result of manufacturing. According to Fora Financial, the manufacturing industry accounts for 12% of our economy. Global trade is a hot topic for the […]

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Oct 12 2016

McLoone now offers Metalphoto: the process for the most permanent labels that endure the toughest conditions in the harshest environments. Learn more about Metalphoto!

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Holiday Cards and Well Wishes

Oct 27 2016
Holiday cards diagonal view

Extend a Memorable Holiday Card Greeting Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, or even Happy New Year; However you wish others well during the holidays it should be unique. Odds are the phrase you use is going to fall into one of the three mentioned, or some variation thereof. But when your holiday cards get inevitably placed in […]

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Digital Process Snippet

Jun 9 2016
Digital Process Walkthrough

Curious what digital printing actually looks like? We thought you might be. Above is an abbreviated walk-through of how labels start on an unprinted roll and finish as crisp and durable labels. In the graphic we show the printing, laser cutting, and sheeting processes, but there is much more that goes on than that. To […]

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What’s so great about Digital Printing?

Apr 6 2016
Screen Printing vs Digital Printing on our Advanced Label Production System

ALPS = Advanced Label Production System Last month, we posted a precursor post about the impact of our Advanced Label Production System (ALPS) here at McLoone. Now we’re ready to show a little more detail on exactly how it does help us to ultimately help you. Ready to dive a little deeper into the world […]

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The Impact of Digital Printing at McLoone

Feb 15 2016

Last month we talked about the implementation of our Advanced Label Production System, ALPS, at McLoone. Our digital system allows us to save time on processes and costs on materials. With ALPS we no longer need tooling or color mixing on jobs compatible with the digital system. By streamlining these processes we are able to […]

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McLoone Boosts Label Production

Dec 22 2015

McLoone, an industrial label converter and nameplate maker in La Crosse, WI, installed a SPGPrints DSI® UV-inkjet label press close to two years ago in order to bring about production efficiencies and penetrate the mid-run self-adhesive decorative label market. Their digital printing market continues to grow. From a previous article: Keith Rosenthal, vice president of manufacturing at […]

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New bill aims to establish manufacturing universities

Jun 5 2015

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced a new bill to Congress that aims to establish so-called manufacturing universities.

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New Anheuser-Busch label gives consumers a beer experience

May 15 2015

Beer label laws and corporate identity strategies are giving consumers a peek at what’s inside those glistening bottles, and it’s not just about the alcohol content.

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US South sees increase in craft breweries

Apr 29 2015

The U.S South, a longtime bastion of Budweiser and Bud Lite, has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of its craft breweries.

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Business card design tips

Apr 24 2015

The world of business has few traditional rituals, but off the few that exist – framing the first dollar earned or the after work happy hour – none matter as much as the business card exchange.

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Craft beer exports surging

Apr 22 2015

Buoyed by record sales at home, the Brewers Association reported overseas markets are also clamoring for more U.S. craft beer choices.

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QR code benefits

Apr 17 2015

Quick Response codes are hot and trending on product packaging, and they have reason to be.

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Younger generation entering manufacturing industry

Apr 10 2015

The baby boomer generation is retiring from the manufacturing industry, so more jobs are opening up for a new age group.

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Building corporate identity

Apr 8 2015

A 2013 Strategy& survey determined that companies that who had an abilities-driven approach to their corporate identity surpassed other companies in three-year growth of total stakeholder return.

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Small Manufacturing On The Rise

Aug 22 2017

Small-scale manufacturers are cropping up in cities around the U.S., catering to you a younger generation of consumers who are more concerned with quality, ethics and local production than they are with cost, said BBC news.

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Beer options changing for many people

Feb 23 2015

As markets react to consumer tastes, the craft beer industry is upping its commitment to form a relationship with individual customers

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Though manufacturing has grown, more investment still needed

Feb 16 2015

With the unemployment rate ticking down steadily each month and the manufacturing sector continuing to strengthen, many companies and investors are renewing their interests in domestic goods and stateside production.

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Craft beer industry venturing into light beers

Feb 13 2015

Though light beers have long been a staple of larger corporations, craft brewers are making moves to take a larger share of the market.

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Could your business benefit from a trade show?

Feb 11 2015

When it comes time to transition from a small, locally-owned business into having a larger presence in a certain region, it’s necessary to take a look at the exposure your company is getting.

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Key to selling wine? Labels

Feb 9 2015

For wine companies looking to push their products, the best way to do so is to focus on the label, according to a study from the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society.

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Manufacturing a highly skilled industry

Jan 9 2015

When most people draw up an image of manufacturing in their minds, an assembly line filled with thousands of workers and large equipment is usually the first visual.

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Small businesses can benefit from labeling services

Nov 14 2014

As the unemployment rate ticked down to 5.8 percent in October, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall condition of the economy points toward an environment of high-growth opportunities for small businesses.

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How your company can benefit from screen printing

Nov 14 2014

Your business is only as successful as the product it sells.

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Quick and easy ways to make your business card stand out

Aug 13 2014

Despite the increasingly digital world we live in, it seems one analog aspect of business that is here to stay is the business card.

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Understanding laminates

Jul 24 2014

Just what does it mean to laminate something?

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Coordinating your colors for the perfect print

Jul 15 2014

When you’re looking for a new print for your business, you may think it’s as easy as putting some text and a graphic together and heading to the printers.

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Mcloone Boosts Competitiveness In Label Market

Apr 25 2017
Edward Scheppink & Keith Rosenthal

Mcloone boosts competitiveness in short and mid-run self-adhesive label markets with SPGPrints’ DSI® digital UV-inkjet printer Mcloone, the based supplier of industrial labels, decals and nameplates, has installed a SPGPrints DSI® UV-inkjet label press in order to bring about production efficiencies and penetrate the mid-run self-adhesive decorative label market. Keith Rosenthal, vice president of manufacturing […]

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Custom Nameplates One Step At A Time

Apr 9 2014
Custom Nameplates One Step At A Time Read More

James D. Larson Receives ASQ CMQ/OE Excellence Certification

Apr 4 2014
James Larson

Milwaukee, Wis., 03/01/2014 — The Certification Board of ASQ is pleased to announce that James D. Larson, Quality Manager of Mcloone has completed the requirements to be named an ASQ-Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, or ASQ CMQ/OE. As such, James D. Larson has reached a significant level of professional recognition, indicating a proficiency in and […]

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Designing a stand-out product label

Apr 3 2014
Grocery Shopping

Designing Product Labels Companies spend years perfecting their products. Whether it’s the perfect recipe or getting an operating system just right, lots of work goes into making products ready for the shelves. Once everything is ready to go, however, it’s important that companies don’t discount the importance of a great looking label. The proper marketing can […]

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2013 Hunter Engineering Supplier Excellence Awards Announced

Mar 18 2014
Hunter Engineering Logo

Hunter Engineering is pleased to recognize Mcloone with an Honorable Mention for our 2013 Supplier Excellence awards. The outstanding service provided by Wendy Clemmerson has certainly been appreciated. Her efforts directly improved Mcloone’s delivery rating and have also resulted in significant cost saving opportunities on current parts. Efforts to improve quality and provide quick and […]

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Manufacturing to see a lot of action next year

Feb 2 2014

As more people are put back to work and wages rise, consumer spending will increase, fueling demand for new goods and services.

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Manufacturing sector awaits Obama’s details for job creation, new hubs

Jan 27 2014
President Obama

President Barack Obama is expected to soon elaborate on his plans to create more jobs within the manufacturing sector, as indicated during his 2013 State of the Union address. According to a Reuters report, Obama’s upcoming trip to Raleigh, N.C., will feature a heavy focus on manufacturing innovations, as he consults research analysts and industry […]

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Will California see new warning labels on gas pumps?

Jan 24 2014
Woman At Gas Pump

Most consumers are used to seeing warning labels on all manner of products – from the Surgeon General’s warning on cigarettes and alcohol to those that warn parents to keep plastic bags away from small children. Now, Californians may be seeing one more warning each time they fill up their cars at the pump. According […]

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2013 Wrap Up: Manufacturing sees strong December

Jan 21 2014
Rise In Manufacturing

Manufacturing had a strong 2013 punctuated with continued growth in December. According to Reuters, the industry grew at its fastest pace in 11 months last month, while the rate of job growth was the strongest since March. Markit, a financial data firm, found its final U.S. Manufacturing Purchasing  Managers Index jumped to 55 in December, climbing […]

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Does the future of manufacturing lie in robotics?

Jan 20 2014

Google and Amazon.com have both made news in the past several months as they started experimenting with robotics. Is this simply a trend, or the next step in manufacturing? In December, Amazon announced that it was testing out a new service – one that could deliver packages to the doorsteps of their customers in just […]

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Need help with designs? Mcloone’s the way to go

Jan 19 2014

A common problem that many businesses face in an increasingly competitive environment is the issue of handling tasks that they may not be specialized in.

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U.S. manufacturing industry booming

Jan 15 2014
Manufacturing Worker

If a new Senate report released on Dec. 17 is any indication, the U.S. manufacturing sector is headed in the right direction. According to the International Business Times, the manufacturing sector is in something of a renaissance, adding more than 500,000 jobs since 2010. Despite speculation at that time that the industry was in something of a […]

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Emphasis on clean labels a growing trend

Jan 14 2014

As consumers shift their tastes and younger generations propel markets toward cleaner, more eco-friendly products, a strong movement has been created, with printed labels at the forefront.

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Manufacturing to see big changes in the future

Jan 14 2014

With the economy improving steadily and job growth expected to continue throughout 2015, the demand for consumer goods and commercial services will increase exponentially.

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Manufacturing and technology: The future of the industry

Jan 3 2014
Playing The Guitar

As 2013 draws to a close, it will be remembered as another solid year for the manufacturing sector. Not only have more than 500,000 jobs been added in the industry since 2010, but exports of American-made goods jumped by more than a third, International Business Times reported. And there’s no end to the growth in sight. […]

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Just how important are business cards?

Nov 4 2013
Business Card Exchange

It seems that, in today’s hyper-connected world, it may be a tad old-fashioned to hand out physical business cards.  However, time and time again, getting your card in the hands of the right person can really make a difference. Designing your business card While many companies will give business cards to their employees, there is […]

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Benefits of an unconventional business card

Oct 31 2013
Unconventional Business Cards

Despite the fact that so much of what we do every day is digital, business cards have remained an essential tool for businesses. While traditional, cardstock cards are still prevalent, there has also been an influx of unique and individualized cards that break away from the norm in their design and material. These cards do […]

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McLoone Metal Graphics: Committed to quality products and service

Oct 28 2013
Businessmen Shaking Hands

McLoone Metal Graphics is one of the world’s leading providers of custom decals, nameplates and pressure-sensitive labels. While there are many choices when it comes to screen printing and label manufacturing, McLoone boasts consistently high-quality products and keep its customers coming back. Mike Voss, the vice president of sales at McLoone, understands that part of […]

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Simple Green uses label, embossing to communicate product benefits

Oct 17 2013

When Simple Green cleaning products were developed in 1979, Bruce FaBrizio and his father were working to perfect a product that was not-toxic, non-flammable and non-abrasive.

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Tips for designing a great-looking label

Oct 9 2013

When getting ready to launch a product or update its appearance, you’ll likely be putting a lot of effort into the look of the label. It can say a lot about your brand and about the product itself. Is it exciting? Soothing? Reliable? Here are a few considerations you should make when designing your product […]

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