Does the future of manufacturing lie in robotics?

Jan 20 2014

Google and have both made news in the past several months as they started experimenting with robotics. Is this simply a trend, or the next step in manufacturing? In December, Amazon announced that it was testing out a new service – one that could deliver packages to the doorsteps of their customers in just […]

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Manufacturing and technology: The future of the industry

Jan 3 2014
Playing The Guitar

As 2013 draws to a close, it will be remembered as another solid year for the manufacturing sector. Not only have more than 500,000 jobs been added in the industry since 2010, but exports of American-made goods jumped by more than a third, International Business Times reported. And there’s no end to the growth in sight. […]

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Barcodes: From supermarket aisles to relief efforts in Africa

Aug 21 2013
Bar Code Application

While most consumers rarely give barcodes a second thought beyond seeing them at the supermarket, a recent report from the Thomson Reuters Foundation highlights just how important bar coding can be. “Bar code technology more commonly seen in supermarkets is enabling the UN refugee agency to greatly improve the speed at which monthly rations of […]

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3-D labels set brands apart

Aug 13 2013
3D Glasses

According to an article from Co.CREATE, 3-D technology is forcing the advertising industry to change. From 3-D televisions to 3-D labels, those who fail to keep up with the popularity of 3-D advertising are likely to fall behind. “At its core, 3-D printing foretells of a philosophical shift beyond flat-dimension brand expression – 2-D ad […]

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The Keys to Shop-Floor Efficiency

Jun 13 2013

Has your company recently implemented cutting edge technologies? After reading the recent article published in Industry Market Trends entitled “The Keys to Shop-Floor Efficiency”, we’d love to hear about what your business is doing to gain efficiencies. by Katrina C. Arabe | July 19th, 2005 How can manufacturers compete with low-cost producers? The answer […]

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Digital Technology: The Future of Screen Printing

Oct 23 2012

Digital Technology: The Future of Screen Printing The October/November 2012 edition of Screen Printing featured a noteworthy article entitled “The Future of Screen Printing.” Dan Naumovich, a freelance journalist and copywriter, interviewed six industry experts and asked for their take on where screen printing is headed for the coming years and what factors will likely […]

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A Look Into Laser Technology by Mcloone’s Process Engineering Technician

Sep 17 2012
Laser Technology

Laser Technology Written by:  Matt Dearman, Mcloone’s Process Engineering Technician With all the different printing and cutting technology offered these days, it’s hard to keep up on what’s what!  One cutting technique that is becoming quite common in the industrial printing industry is “Laser Cutting”.   The term “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by […]

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