Laminates add a protective layer to your product  for durability, appearance or protection.  Mcloone’s lamination process and adhesive expertise saves you money on pressure-sensitive flexible and metal labels.

Types of Laminates



The adhesive part of your label is a form of laminate itself.  Mcloone utilizes quality 3M, Flexcon, and Avery laminating adhesives to ensure a lasting solution.


Provide extra protection to your product so it will endure harsh outdoor environments.  Overlaminates also provide durability for labels in high usage situations while continuing to provide an attractive finish.


While several material options exist when selecting a premask, they all have the same goal.   Pre-masks use low-tact adhesive-backed polyester to protect your label for shipment, storage and installation.  Pre-mask lamination keeps your label protected and looking new until you are ready to apply the label.

Many factors must be considered in selecting the right adhesive or overlaminate for your self-adhesive labels and custom nameplates:

  • Temperature exposure
  • Ultraviolet light exposure
  • Chemical exposure
  • Humidity exposure
  • Adhesion to the label/nameplate material
  • Ability to reposition after initial application

Mcloone has over 50 years of experience in helping select the correct laminate for your label.  From wear and tear to harsh environments, and from special adhesives to protective masking, Mcloone knows the right solution for you.

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