Metalphoto Nameplates and Decals

What is Metalphoto?

Metalphoto tree

Metalphoto is a process in which photosensitive anodized aluminum is imposed with an image directly on the metal. The photo is imprinted on the metal much like how photos are developed using a negative. After the image has been developed, the aluminum is treated and sealed. The seal that forms over the image is a thin layer of anodized aluminum to protect the image from numerous sources of wear and tear. The result is a nameplate with a durable and legible high quality image that will last ages under environmental and industrial stressors.

The main benefits of Metalphoto are its durability, longevity, and picture quality.


Because of Metalphoto’s ultra-durable image there is reduced need to replace labels often. The material and process hold up much longer than other traditional substrates. It has been put through the wringer in tests to ensure that it stands up to prolonged exposure to the environment, chemicals, and abrasion. Even after repeated exposure the process ensures that images will still be crisp, clear, and legible. Compared to other substrates, it stands strongest against a slew of solvents and conditions.

Metalphoto resistance table

*Information gathered from and their resistance tests.


Metalphoto is the most permanent label available on the market. When permanence is needed Metalphoto will surpass the life of traditional labels and last the life of the part. Since the image is part of the aluminum it will last as long as the metal itself. It is as permanent as you can get.

Image Quality

Metalphoto BoyMetalphoto barcodes

Metalphoto does not use any inks or screens like traditional screen printing. The image consists of aluminum salts and are developed into the metal and then sealed underneath an anodic layer. No smudging and no bleeding. Images are crisp and sharp. The high quality of the picture allows for the material to be used in small applications without the worry of blurry text or scan able codes. Typically Metalphoto is used for more practical applications like codes and data. However, the material adequately handles high resolution images.


Metalphoto can be sued in any label application, but is best utilized in instances where conditions are tough and permanent legibility is crucial.

Military VehiclesPassenger planes at the airport.

                       Defense                                                                                             Aerospace

 Shipping containers at portContainer Ship at Sea

                       Transportation                                                                              Marine

Memorial headstonesSolar panels and wind turbines

                        Memorial                                                                                        Energy

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