Numbering/Bar Coding/QR Codes

QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) codes are gaining momentum, especially as we rely more and more on our mobile devices.    FREE downloadable software applications for mobile devices such as smart phones make QR Codes available to every business and consumer.

What’s so exciting about QR Codes?  A QR code can hold up to 400 times more data than aQR Code generic UPC label.  The use of this technology is almost limitless.  URLs, readable business cards, video links, specialized offers, and detailed inventory control are all available to you through a simple, efficient QR code.

Worried about the longevity and durability of your code?  We can build in up to 30 percent error correction, depending on the size of the QR code.  In simple terms, this means that you can destroy up to 30 percent of the code without noticing a difference in its performance.  You can be confident that a simple scratch won’t keep your code from standing up to the test of time.

Bar Coding

Mcloone offers a wide array of additional barcode types suitable for use in many industries.  Standard UPCs, 2D barcodes, Data Matrix codes up to ECC200 standards for military use, as well as GS1 databars can all be produced by Mcloone.  We will make sure you get the right code on the right material for the right application…every time.


Mcloone offers serial-numbered labels in a variety of materials with permanently embossed identification numbers.  Our primary method of numbering uses digital printing; however, our metal stamping and screen-printing capabilities allow us to manufacture color-filled, pre-numbered metal nameplates and barcode labels that are easy to read and weather resistant.  Stamped number sequences are available in four different sizes to fit all your numbering needs.

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