Labels & Decals

What are Labels & Decals?Industrial Labels Image

A label is a piece of flexible material that is affixed to a product and includes printed information such as company name, logo or information about the product or its usage.  It is also applied to a product through the use of an adhesive backing.  The terminology label and decal are used interchangeably in today’s world.  But origins show, that decal which is a derivative of decalcomania, included the “act” of transferring a printed pattern or image to another surface.

What processes are available for labels and decals?

The sky is the limit!  These are the most versatile label products available in any size, shape, color and construction.

We offer 4 color or screen printed inks; variable data including variable images; and, specialty processes such as doming offers a protective lens for your labels and custom decals while enhancing the labels appearance.  Foil labels can even be embossed.

What materials are available for my labels?Custom Decals Image

  • Vinyl
  • Polyester
  • Polystyrene
  • Polycarbonate
  • Foils
  • Tamperproof & Security Substrates

If you don’t see what you need, please ask our Customer Care Team to help you – we have many other options available.

What shapes do the labels and decals come in?

Any shape you want.  Depending on the final look you want to achieve, some equipment may have limitations, but our production team has the experience to get you the label format you want and need.  Mcloone uses a variety of methods to produce custom shapes and sizes including die cutting, I-cut and laser cutting.  If you need a custom die for your project-that’s no problem for Mcloone.  We have an in-house tool and die shop.  You design the shape and we’ll cut it, at a competitive price!

Why are laminates important to labels?

There are two types of lamination:  adhesives and overlaminates.


Our Customer Care team needs to understand your application process and surface texture.  This information will help them guide you to the best option available to give you sufficient adhesion but not over engineer the label to help contain costs.


This is a thin layer of material that helps protect your label from scratching, solvents and moisture.  It helps lengthen the life of the label.

How will the labels be used in a production line setting?

There are several different output options.  Some choices may be limited by the specific constructions needs of your label.  Generally speaking there are three standard options:

Individual labels

Each label comes as an individual part.  You can receive these parts in a couple of different ways.  Each label can have its own adhesive backing or it can be supplied with a peelable carrier for support.

Strip Form Labels

This is the format for a series of labels on one continuous strip of liner.  Each label can be pulled separately from the liner.  The total number of labels on an individual strip varies according to size, shape, and construction.

Roll-to-Roll Labels

Most commonly used in production lines or for storage needs.  Labels are produced and delivered on a continuous roll of liner.   Roll-to-roll labels are very useful for large quantities and may be set up with single or multiple labels across the width of the roll.  Ask us about options that fit your needs.

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