Nameplates Explained

Nameplates Explained

Nameplates explained: Any industrial label or custom decal that is produced from metal is commonly referred to as a nameplate.  The original definition of a nameplate is “a flat, usually rectangular piece of metal, wood or plastic on which the name of a person, company, etc. is printed or engraved.”  Also referred as masthead.

Essentially nameplate, label and decal can be used interchangeably.  Those of us in the screen printing world have tried to make some distinctions to help guide conversations.  Nameplates are often referred to as being made of metal and labels and decals are often referred to as being made of flexible materials.

Sea Coast nameplate

McLoone manufactures nameplates with a choice of several different metal materials including aluminum, brass and stainless steel.  Aluminum is the most common component of metal nameplates and is available in varying thicknesses from .010 to .062 (standard thicknesses).  We offer thinner foils and thicker materials as well.

Stainless steel is the choice for a variety of companies including the food service industry, medical applications, and automotive to name a few.  Brass is usually requested for its decorative qualities.

Metal offers additional processes to add look that fits your brand .  We can add decorative lensing or doming, McLoone can emboss or deboss the metal to give it a 3D look, numbering or UPC codes provide part specifications and tracking, and much, much more.  Check out the many variations of nameplates.

White Magic nameplate

With a customized nameplate by McLoone, you can expect a high-quality, long lasting product that will stand up to all of your environmental or application challenges.  From extreme temperatures and UV light, to chemical exposure and abrasive applications, our nameplates stand up to the challenge.

Make sure your name stands out above the rest.  Let the custom nameplate experts at McLoone work with you to design a nameplate that speaks to the quality of your company.  Remember, the right nameplate makes a great impression on your customers year after year.

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