Mcloone’s dedicated staff of engineers and quality technicians has the experience to design the graphic overlays and control panels you need. Manufactured to your exact specifications, overlays can include transparent windows, UV textures, selective adhesive, embossing, doming, and more.

Polycarbonates and polyesters are the materials of choice when designing an overlay panel.  Polycarbonates offer high impact resistance, while polyesters are an excellent choice for harsh environments.  We’ll work with your designers or engineers to create a custom name plates that precisely matches your corporate colors and logo.  Our skilled Customer Care Team will work with you to create the custom panel to your exact specifications.

Mcloone currently manufacturers graphic overlays for industries such as construction machinery, vending machines, coffee makers, sound systems, and more.  Popular features include heat-resistant substrates, LED and clear windows for multiple indicator lights, and mask protection to prevent scratches on your overlay until the part is installed.  Peeling, scratches, rips, and tears all lower the perceived value or quality of the product.  So don’t let a bad overlay ruin your product’s reputation.  Keep it looking its best with a functional yet durable overlay from Mcloone.

Whatever you need for standard or custom overlays, Mcloone can produce tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs.