Create custom overlays & panels to match your exact specifications

Whatever you need for standard or custom overlays, McLoone can produce tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Overlays & panels

Panels generally can be thought of as a protective covering that may or may not have cut-outs for buttons, switches and windows. Overlays on the other hand have a component of interactivity with the piece. You will “press” the physical panel to push a button. Due to the material components and printing methods used, a graphic overlay or panel offers more protection than a label. Sub-surface printing protects your panel or overlay from scratching, chemicals, moisture or general wear and tear.

If you are in an industrial environment a large button that extends beyond a panel will make the job easier for someone to visually see or feel the button. However, medical equipment benefits from having a flat external surface with the buttons hidden behind a graphic overlay.
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