Color Printing

Many of our customers have specific color requirements they use in order to stay consistent with their corporate branding.  At Mcloone, our ink mixing department has the ability to match any color you choose.  However, it’s important to remember that the material being printed on is just as important as the ink color itself.  Different types or colors of substrates have the ability to significantly alter the final shade of color printed on your piece.  Unsure of the perfect color for your project?  Reference the Pantone Matching System color chart and let our ink mixing experts help you decide what ink mix and substrate will ensure your colors look their best.

Need your color to appear brighter and more vivid?

A single coat of white will cover up the substrate and provide a crisp base for you.  Just like painting your walls at home you need a good base coat to get great color reproduction.

Why does my blue seem almost black?

Aluminum and stainless steel because of the amount of gray/black color that naturally occurs in the metal can sometimes make colors appear darker or slightly dull.  Adjust for this result by requesting a lighter shade or applying a white base coat.

My label is produced digitally, how can my logo color end up changing?

The production process may be different but the underlying color interaction will still apply.  A red logo on a yellow vinyl background may appear orange without a white base coat.

How can I add depth and dimension to my part?

Some customers will even make the underlying material part of their design concept by using a transparent ink.  Transparent inks allow the substrate to show through while still providing a pop of color.  The Advertising industry frequently uses transparent inks to create custom looks for specific brands.

The important thing to remember is that there are plenty of options to achieve the look you desire.  Mcloone has some of the best color experts in the world.  Sometimes a creative solution is necessary, while other times a standard color is the best answer.

We have over 50 years of color mixing experience.  Let us be your guide through the ink mixing process and we’ll make sure you get the color you need.

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