ID Plates

Communicate safe operating instructions and clearly identify your industrial equipment with an ID Plate designed to stand the test of time.





Draw attention to your brand and differentiate yourself in the marketplace with an attractive metal nameplate.




Labels & Overlays

Combine style and functionality with custom industrial labels or graphic overlays.  Functional touch control buttons, clear windows, and back-lit graphics can all be engineered for you.

Manufacturing Excellence

Whether adding perceived value to your product with a distinct metal nameplate or the reliability of a durable label, McLoone has the manufacturing experience to support your next program.

Engineering Solutions 

McLoone combines creativity and expertise to custom manufacture labels, nameplates and decals. For over 60 years, we've served nearly every industry. Whether building to print, creating rapid prototypes or collaborating on a custom solution, we're known for meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.

Skill and Expertise

Our customer service, design and engineering staff bring passion and knowledge to meet your product identification challenge. A culture of collaboration internally and with our customers results in strong relationships built on trust and integrity.