Metal Finishes


We are passionate about helping you achieve a distinct look for your product identification that will enhance and elevate your brand. These are important design elements that ultimately give you tools to stand out in the market. The possibilities are endless when you consider all the different ways that metal surfaces can be decorated. From precise technical patterns to woven carbon fiber structures, whatever look you are striving for can be achieved.

Enhance Your Brand with Metal Finishes

Patterns, custom colors and special effects are attractive and effective elements to make your brand stand out. These options provide flexibility in creating a unique look that enhances nameplate design.

Technical Finishes on Aluminum surfaces

Technical finishes translate familiar geometric structures into repeatable patterns on aluminum surfaces. High contrast or tone on tone looks work well with these types of finishes. Many take advantage of the metal substrate allowing the reflective surface to show though. The screened texture adds both visual and tactile design elements.

These types of authentic metal surfaces can be found within consumer electronics, sporting goods, industrial equipment, power sports trim, and many other markets. Precise technical patterns can be integrated into decorative trim, nameplates, badges and labels as background decoration or in selective areas to draw attention. Color, gloss and scale are fully customizable to suit your needs.


Carbon fiber weave pattern on aluminum surface

Aluminum can be used as the foundation to match a variety of natural surfaces. Faux finishes currently developed include carbon fiber and patina finishes. 

These structures are translated onto the metal substrate, combining the finishes with custom graphics, inlaid accents and embossed details to showcase product identification. The inherent reflective surface enhances the highs and lows of normal shadows found in the original material. 

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a popular theme for products intended to reflect high performance and strength. The woven features of authentic carbon can be translated into decorative finishes. 

Application possibilities for nameplates and labels with a carbon fiber finish are wide. A carbon finish is a popular trend in a variety of markets from automotive and aerospace to recreation equipment and sporting goods. Anything using authentic carbon for housing can be reviewed for opportunity to showcase the brand with a nameplate featuring that woven pattern. A functional overlay with deadfront graphics or transparent windows can also be opportunity to incorporate a sporty finish like this. 


patina finish on aluminum reflects a handcrafted look for a weathered or aged surface

Patina finishes naturally exist on metal as the surface ages and becomes oxidized. This look can be achieved on aluminum to simulate that exposure to the elements. Aluminum can take on the look of other metals like brass or pewter.

Products from sporting goods and furniture to POP displays and packaging can be found using a distressed or patina finish to appear to be worn or aged. It is an attractive way to showcase craftsmanship and character which can increase the perceived value of a product. 



A metallic color or contrasting gloss level are cost effective ways to grab attention for brand awareness. When paired with a bright aluminum graphic they make an impact.

Incorporating a pattern into your design achieves a premium look that adds visual dimension. The end result is increased perceived value.

While the finishes are typically developed for use on metal surfaces, many can be translated onto plastic substrates as well. This allows great flexibility for your product identification to combine the functionality of plastic with the enhancements of the finishes. 

Color, gloss and scale of finishes are fully customizable. Once you have defined your target color with the required substrate, we take over to develop a custom formula to match the specs. The formula is kept on file to ensure consistency from run to run. 

Metal finishes can be incorporated into your design for full background coverage, or as an accent for a specific area to draw attention. The possibilities are as wide open as your imagination!

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