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Today's fast consumer attention spans call for creative approaches to special events and product displays. Customers notice branding up to 6 seconds sooner than price. A custom designed promotional item becomes a memorable keepsake. Likewise, retail and point of purchase displays draw consumers in for a closer look. Are you getting noticed? 

Material Options

No matter if you are searching for rigid or flexible material, care is taken to understand the application and help guide selection so that the end result meets expectations. Expert design, rapid prototyping, and diverse fabrication options are available for your customized display and promotion solutions.


Metal is a durable material suitable for product identification across all markets, especially products exposed to harsh environments. 

  • Aluminum - metal of choice for durable, cost effective nameplates, emblems, and promotional signs. It can take on the appearance of other metals like brass or stainless steel by applying transparent tints of color to the surface.

  • Stainless Steel - popular substrate for product identification in indoor or outdoor applications, usually within harsh environments. It is corrosive and dent resistant. Its strength makes stainless stee lideal for industrial settings and applications.


A variety of plastic material options is stocked that provide the right protection along with the functionality, durability, and custom decoration needed for your design. 

  • Polyester (Mylar) - thin, flexible material that typically is coupled with an overlaminate for robust resistance to chemicals and harsh elements. 

  • Polycarbonate (Lexan) - available in thicknesses up to .030", offering a durable solution that resist abrasions and stand up to exposure to cleaning solutions, chemicals, or other harsh environments.

  • Vinyl - material of choice for caution and warning labels due to its flexible nature and relatively low price point. It can also be used for asset tags and point of purchase display branding. 

Collaboration from Start to Finish

Need help designing an impressive promotional item or point of purchase display that will get you noticed? We've got you covered! From custom tools built in-house to graphic layout assistance, we will work with you every step of the way. Concept drawings, color chips or pre-production prototypes may be provided to help review and make a decision. 

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Metal Business Cards and Specialty Promotional Items

Metal business cards and promotional items with your brand stand out in a sea of paper and plastic, conveying a message of luxury, exclusivity, and importance. They leave a lasting impression with potential retailers, contacts and customers, and eventually lead to revenue. 

Examples of Specialty Promotional Items

Custom Invitations Name Badges
Event Passes Product Launch Kits
Executive Cards Reward Cards
Binder Plaques
Hang Tags Sales Kits
Book Covers
Loyalty Cards Tip-on Plaques
Business Cards
Luggage Tags VIP Passes
Authenticity Cards
Membership Cards Warranty Cards
Customer Appreciation 
Menu Covers Welcome Kits
















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Metal Signs and Point of Purchase Display Components

Compelling signage and POP display components impact in-store traffic flow by placing your product in the spotlight. An attractive display or unique packaging reinforces the value, nurtures the customer experience, and builds brand loyalty. 

Examples of POP Display Components

Aisle Markers
Brewery Signs POP Display Signs
DVD Covers Retail Signage
Beverage Displays
End Cap Displays Shelf-Edge Labels
Book Covers
Hang Tags Tip-On Plaques
Boxed Set Plaques
Menu Covers Wall Mounts








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Embossing adds depth and gives a tactile feel above and beyond printed graphics. Embossing provides:

  • Physical Dimension
  • Durability
  • Draws Attention

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Patterns create a unique look. Select from a library or develop a custom finish. Options include:

  • Geometrics
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Distressed Finishes

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Full-service tool and die capability and a library of thousands of dies means quick response. Possibilities include:

  • Unique Shapes
  • Simple Geometrics
  • Forming

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Peel and stick adhesive is a common solution for secure attachment for POP displays. Adhesive selection is based on:

  • Mating Surface
  • End Use
  • Application

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Point-of-purchase applications

Creating impressive promotional items and POP displays is limited only by your imagination. We work with you to support your promotional needs from basic business cards and announcements to highly decorative signs and packaging components.

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Specialty Packaging
Event Promotion
Metal Cards

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