Metal Tags

Custom blank metal tags in aluminum and stainless steel are designed so you can mark your property, track your assets, and identify your equipment. Metal tags will last decades in the harshest environments and will not degrade over time. All metal tags are customizable, including the material, size, shape, and number of holes. 

Standard tools with a variety of common sizes and shapes are cost effective and provide rapid turn around. Metal tags are ready for your laser marking, engraving or stamping process. 

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Material and Attachment Specs

Metal blanks and tags are supplied to meet size and shape needs as well as any configuration of holes, cutouts, or slots to each unique spec and application. 


Thickness and Finish

.012"-.032" Mill Finish and Bright
.012"-.063" Anodized
.062"-.090" Mill Finish
Stainless Steel
.018"-.036" Brushed


Attachment Types


3M and equivalent pressure sensitive adhesives
Holes or Slots
Secure attachment with rivets or screws. Specify number of holes needed with each diameter. Corner radius options including square and rounded. Slots for wrap-around features similar to zip ties. 
Some applications will require more robust attachment solutions which can include combining pressure sensitive adhesive with rivets or screws.


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What material options are available for blank metal tags?

Aluminum and stainless steel are offered as strong and durable material for metal blanks and tags. Not sure of which material is right for your application? We will work with you to find a solution.

Are there standard sizes for metal blanks?

Each blank is custom built in size, shape, and configured with appropriate cut-outs to meet your unique requirements and application. A library with thousands of dies in common sizes means many options for your blank or tag needs. In-house tooling means quick turnaround for custom builds.

Can you produce metal blanks with numbering?

Sequential numbering is configured into the production process with printing, stamping, or laser operations. Further variable data can be added with laser or stamping equipment on site.

What options are there for pierced holes?

Holes, slots, and other cut-outs can be built into the tools. Corners can be square or rounded. Simply provide the location of each hole along with diameter and corner radius dimensions in your artwork file. 

What type of artwork files are needed?

Artwork is produced in Adobe Illustrator. For production purposes, we prefer VECTOR artwork whenever possible. A vector image is lines or shapes mapped out mathematically rather than pixel-based, referred to as raster which when scaled larger becomes fuzzy. The advantage of vector-based images is that they never lose their quality despite the size of the image. Files received in other formats may delay processing and require redrawing. More information can be found on our Artwork Submission page.

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Options by McLoone


Blank metal tags are available in common shapes and sizes with or without adhesive. Customized printing and decoration is possible in order to add company information, serial numbering, or have  permanent embossed graphics.  

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Durable metal options in aluminum and stainless steel result in blank tags that will last for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

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A team of dedicated and talented people work with you from beginning discussion to order fulfillment, understanding exactly what your objective is and then making it happen.

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Exceeding expectations is
our goal. ISO certified and
made in the USA, some of
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We've got you covered here too! Die-cut components including adhesives are available in a variety of thicknesses and cut to your specified shape.

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