About Us

Mcloone is an award winning manufacturer of custom decals, nameplates and pressure sensitive labels.  Founded in 1954 by James E. Mcloone, we are now recognized as one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality identification graphics.

Mcloone offers a wide array of product choices:  metal labels and nameplates, vinyl decals, self-adhesive vinyl labels, asset tags, metal signs, POP enhancements and polycarbonate identification graphics. Our experience and years in the industry continue to increase our skills in doming, embossing/debossing, laminating, piercing, and die cutting.  Mcloone offers the newest in digital technology as well as keeping the tried-and-true practices of screen printing.

As a Mcloone customer you have your choice of material options, depending on the needs of your individual label or nameplate.  Materials available include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, vinyls, foils, polycarbonates, polystyrenes, polyesters, and many more.

Let’s not forget about the great services we offer:  Guidance in the manufacturability of custom products, artwork assistance, in-house tooling, warehousing, and a dedicated staff.  Together, they result in a stress-free customer experience.

Mcloone cares about the environmental impact our industry and our organization has on our community and our planet.  We have eliminated lead-based paints, reduced volatile emissions in our manufacturing process and improved our wasterwater output. BecauseMcloone Front Enterance of our efforts, Mcloone was proud to be awarded the 2009 Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air award.  Mcloone has gone above and beyond to show our commitment to a greener future for our industry.  We feel that diligence and continued focus on environmental stewardship will benefit both Mcloone and our community for years to come.

Mcloone started as the James E. Mcloone Advertising Service Inc a home-based business.  Talk about innovation—a home based business in 1954, decades before it became a popular business format.  Through the years, we’ve grown not only in physical size, but also in the number of customers we serve and the products that we offer.  It has been an honor to serve our community for all these wonderful years.

Time and time again, our customers tell us that we produce great quality products.   From the basic to the complex, from asset tags to exquisitely designed Point of Purchase specialty items, you can have confidence that Mcloone will deliver your product quickly, consistently and with the quality you deserve.