Mcloone specializes in manufacturing custom labels, nameplates and decals, for commercial and industrial uses, in both metal & flexible styles. We offer a full complement of services to help you translate your drawing into the correct manufacturing specifications; provide in-house tooling to expedite the process; and fulfill your product packaging and shipping requirements:

  • Graphic Layout Assistance
  • In-house Tool and die capability
  • Fulfillment services

Graphic Layout Assistance

Our experienced and creative graphic artists are ready to serve you. We work in a variety of graphic software packages and know what it takes to convert a design into successful company brand or product identification.

Together our talented group has nearly 100 years of experience in graphic and industrial design. Mcloone’s Graphic Arts team operates in both PC and Mac environments, is extremely versatile and offers many areas of expertise to address your individual needs. We look forward to serving you.

Click here for our Artwork Guidelines

Die Cutting & Tooling

With a full-service tool and die capability, Mcloone can produce hard tooling (blanking dies), as well as steel-rule and pierce dies
in-house, often in less time and always at less cost than is available from outside shops.   This means you get your product quicker with low tooling cost.

  • 25,000 piece die library
  • On-site tooling capability, which means lower costs
  • Flexible lead times
  • In-house staff to respond quickly to sudden changes so little or no production time is lost

How do I know what kind of die my product needs?

Steel Rule Die is best when you:

  • Have + or –  .015 tolerance
  • Have less need for accuracy
  • Need quicker turnaround for die production
  • Want low production costs

Blanking Die is best when you:

  • Have + or – .005 tolerance
  • Have use for heavy substrates
  • Need increased accuracy
  • Have products used by the medical or engineering industries

Fulfillment Services

Our customers have a variety of shipping needs for their products.  Mcloone has flexible offerings and will work with you to perform any special fulfillment services you may require.

  • Labels packed in kits for each unit you produce
  • Custom box quantities
  • Drop-shipment